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Yoga for Lower Back Pain

Pain in your lower back is a common complaint of many people. There are many different activities can put undue strain on your lower back including standing, sitting, and lifting. There are several different yoga poses that can help alleviate back pain, and a strong yoga practice in your life can help prevent back pain in the first place.

Back Targeting Poses for Beginners

Yoga is something that takes practice, so make sure you are sticking to poses that you are comfortable in. This is extremely important if you are just starting your practice in an attempt to deal with your current back pain.

Cat, Cow, and Downward Dog are all beginner poses that will help stretch out tight back muscles, letting you feel relief from those tense muscles. Warrior II is also going to help stretch out your hips, which could be the cause of your lower back pain. Forward Bend and Table Top poses are also going to stretch your back nicely. You can also use a twist pose to elongate your back and sides, providing serious relief. Be cautious, especially if you are currently healing from an injury, and make sure you keep in your comfort level. When healing from an injury, you are not looking to push your body.

More Advanced Poses for Back Pain

For people farther along in your practice, there are other, more challenging poses that can give a great stretch to tight and sore back muscles. Bow pose and Camel pose are both going to provide a good stretch, although they both require quite a bit of flexibility. You can also take any of the beginner poses, and apply a more challenging modification. For example, you can take Downward Dog into a Dolphin pose, giving you a greater stretch.

Yoga to Prevent Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is commonly caused by improper posture, tight or misaligned hips, and not enough movement. Yoga involves focusing on your body, and it is natural to take your mindfulness of your posture into the rest of your life. Being aware of how your body sits throughout the day is going to help keep everything properly aligned, reducing the day to day stress on your back. Your practice is also going to help keep your hips loose and correctly aligned, effectively preventing a major cause of lower back pain. Finally, regularly practicing yoga makes sure that you are moving. Sedentary lifestyles are extremely prominent now, and the negative impacts on health are very widespread. Keeping yourself active through your practice will help combat this.

In summary, there are many yoga poses that can relieve back pain. Ensure you are fit enough for the poses, as you can find both beginner and more advanced poses for back pain. The goal for a yoga session when you are suffering from back pain should be focused on relaxation and gentle movement; pushing your limits when you are already injured can lead to more pain and a longer recovery. As you recover and grow in your practice, continue to do yoga as an effective preventative measure.